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February 19th 2017

Organizer: Lynette Artin


Subject: CFF Retail 


Date and Time 02/19/2017 9:00 PM US/Eastern (GMT-0500)


1. Dial In to the Conference (United States): (712) 451-0679

Access Code: 602753

International Dial-in Numbers: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/cffretail#international


2. Join Online Meeting:

Online Meeting Link: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/cffretail

Online Meeting ID: cffretail




At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial in to the conference line.  When prompted, enter the access code followed by hash (#). To join the online meeting, click the online meeting link and follow the prompts.

January 11, 2017

Good Evening - I hope everyone’s New Year has been great this far.  I do not have the time to read all the comments in this room, as you probably know I am not on Skype very often.  We are working on the revamp of the store for the upcoming new year year and the new products we are launching.  We have a couple of things we need to fix on the auction site, and are ramping up to launch off the new year the right way.
As in any company you have your excited, ready to roll folks, you have your “this isn’t moving fast enough for me, even though I’m not doing anything to move it along” LOL and your folks that are just waiting to see what is happening.
So this is what is happening and has happened.

We are approaching our 6 Month anniversary - Wow, have we made great strides… We have opened our store, we have completed the software for the auction, we have jumped through the hurdles of development nightmares and challenges , we have the 20%, 40% piece completed, we have tons of marketing materials for our retailers, we have the introduction of our niche products going live over the next few days, we are adding more products to the auction, including gift cards and low, mid to high end products.

We have built 90% of our software from the ground up.
We are excited to be working with those of you that are our most appreciated supporters, and retailers - (d) here’s to 2017, here’s to those that have supported us and been patient with us, through our growing pains.
Let’s make this year count.

December 25th, 2016

Merry Christmas CFF Retailers - as Faith and I promised - we have delivered! The auctions are now being assigned to retailers automatically - this is Faith and my Christmas present to you!

We hope this is as exiting for you as it is for her and I! Through the good and the bad, our bumps and bruises, the Nay Sayers, the doubters, the supporters, the stand by and wait folks - Faith and I never wavered from our promise.

It was just a few days ago I was receiving messages that this or that one had lost confidence in CFF - which means confidence in Faith and I, who work 24/7 around the clock with major sacrifices; like little to no time with our families, No time clock with payroll, lots of scolding, criticism, and lack of support from our retailers, we also received lots of moral support from other retailers (thank you for that support, you have no idea what the last 60 days have been like for us) days we wanted to quit when we felt we were in this alone and days we kept on going even if we had to build this business alone!

Bottom line, Faith and I are women of our word, and we don't quit when the going gets tough - instead we roll up our sleeves and get tougher.

For those of you who doubted us, I hope this renews your confidence in she and I.

For those of you that know how Faith and I work, and how serious we take our commitments to all of you, who are in this business with us - you have no idea how much your support and cheering us on has meant to us.

The negatives we heard were disheartening, at times down right depressing! Policing negative Skype chats, reassuring those that threatened us with smearing our name, business and reputation, those that took a back seat or told people they had no confidence in us, really added to our stress levels that were already over the top!

The support we did get, the confidence you shared with us, standing by us, never wavering your faith in us that is was helped us believe in you and what made all of our hard work, financial sacrifices and having no life outside of CFF, worth it.

Faith and I have heard for months - when you get this done we will build - we'd deliver on your request only to get a new one, we'd deliver on that request, only to get more, upon which we delivered every single time. Now we have delivered 100% on our business model.

The business model changed quite extensively from its original plan as we had to add pieces and change things to remove any high risks issues posed to credit card processors and other things. All of this made a strong business model even stronger.

It put us behind on development and over budget and days where we worried if we had enough time to finish and get this puppy going, well we made it, granted, it was starting to look grim on my end, but Faith Sloan pulled a rabbit out of her hat 🎩 and we made it!

Thank you Faith, from one friend to another - remember that note I left for you when I went home from Florida a few years ago? Multiply what I said then, by 1000! I appreciate you more than words can express!

We have proven that Together we can reach for the stars and move mountains.

Faith and I are in this for the long haul - as we have proven to you.

As the year of 2016 ends, we can look back and exhale - we made it- at all costs, we did it! We have 2017 to look forward to - 2017 to build a billion dollar idea into a billion dollar business - it seemed like it took forever to get our software and sites complete and some days it seemed like we'd never reach our goal to change lives around the world 🌎. But... here we are, delivering on our promise and oh how good it feels.

Yesterday was a really rough day for me, while everyone is enjoying their families I was home having these tearful moments that seemed to hit me out of no where, every 15 minutes I was having these teary moments. I was trying to figure out what the heck my problem was, was menopause hitting me and was I losing my mind? But then I realized I've been so busy I never put up a Christmas tree🎄 we've been so behind on development and over budget that faith and I don't get paid for our work, so I didn't Christmas shop for my children or grand children this year, I realized that I've spent the better portion of 2016 glued to CFF and while doing so the world has seemed to pass right by me!

Then Faith called me last night around 8pm and asked what I was doing - I told her I was in bed, she said, what?? Why aren't you spending time with your family? Quickly followed with, never mind that, girl listen, I could hear the excitement in her voice, I thought she had a juicy gossip piece to entertain me with me lol, as her voice got louder she said WE DID IT GIRL, we did it ... we've deployed the software, auctions are being assigned, emails are going out and WE MADE IT!!! She hung up and I started crying again!!! WE MADE IT! Merry Christmas 🎁 CFF Retailers - we did it! Now let's go build!

December 9th, 2016

Great Job on The Locked Car Auction Sales!

However, we did not meet the required number of seats to hold the auction tomorrow.  We will continue to sell our seats and when we reach the number of seats needed to hold the auction we will immediately schedule it for the following Saturday.  So lets sell out this week so we can hold the auction next Saturday.  We will have more information on some new promo's you can use when selling the seats on Sunday nights Webinar.  Again... Great job and lets get out there this week and sell the remaining seats.  We will have some special auctions that will take off at 7pm est Sunday Night.  Hope to see you there.

Auction Product Delivery Update...

YAY!!! FINALLY - what you all have been waiting for...

HOW!! WHEN!! and what's been the darn hold up on delivery of Auction Products.  Here's the simple, yet complex dilemma that we faced.  INTEGRATION with our store. Well that integration has been completed.  Yipee Skipee!! So here is what you will be seeing in your emails over the next 7 days... The products you have won with a voucher code.  (This is the way our auction will work moving forward as well) You will receive this email that says - Hey, John Susie Smith, you have won "blankety blank product and here is a 100% off discount code to claim your won auction!  Click on this link (it's the link that will be in the email you receive, not here) and it will take you to CFF Brand and it will have placed your product in your CFF Brand Shopping Cart!  You will take the 100% discount code that came along in that email and you will insert that into the field that asks if you have any discounts.  It will take 100% off your product, it will charge you for shipping the product.  You will pay for the shipping and our fulfillment center will be notified, and your product will ship within 48 hours!! 

I know it seems like it's been a long time to get here, but folks we are here and it's time to rock and roll and get excited that what we all have been waiting for... is here.

Thank you all for your prayers for my grandmother!! She is an amazing lady, at 95 years old, has made almost a 100% amazing recovery from her stroke.  Her stroke happened the morning before Thanksgiving and so another Thanksgiving came where we had a wonderful reminder of how thankful my family is to have had yet another year with my Grandmother.  Friday, after Thanksgiving I enjoyed spending the night with my youngest grand daughter and after dropping her back off at home, out of no where, the worst flu I've had in years hit me like a ton of bricks.  Six days later, after feeling like I was knocking on heavens door, I'm finally not dreading someone knocking on my front door.  I think I can honestly say, this is the first time I have gone more than 5 days without opening a computer in YEARS!  The best news, is that while I was in the dischanted land of the sickies, a ton of work was being completed and we are only days away from assigning auctions to retailers, the DFP reporting and for those of you that have traveled this journey with us... well, lets just say - It's Your Time To Shine and Earn Your Much Deserved Rewards.

I am Looking foreward to this amazing journey we are all about to embark on and anxious to hear each and everyone of you say... WOW!  This was worth the wait!

I will be doing Sunday's Webinar and hope you all are able to join us and bring a guest.

Lynette Artin


December 2nd, 2016


The designer has completed the registration page for Qkabids.

The complex product assignment module has been completed and is now in test mode.  Once the module has passed our testing with flying colors, it will be time to put it into motion.

The profits distribution module has been completed and is also in test mode.

We expect no more than a week or two before we take this all live for our retailers.

December 2nd, 2016


“Give the Gift of Health This Christmas!” 

Nano Bubble Water – 30% OFF

Thursday, Dec 1st thru Sunday, Dec 25th at Midnight EST

SALE $94.95 ($69.95 + $25 Shipping)

Reg.  $124.95 (99.95 + $25 shipping)


This is a great time to try Nano Bubbles.   Learn more about the Health Benefits.





We now have our beautiful new landing/referral page for you to use with your Qkabid referral links.

To find your Qkabid referral link, click on MY ACCOUNT, MY CUSTOMERS and copy your Referral Link.

When your Customers/Referrals register at Qkabid they will be sent an email which contains BOTH their Qkabid and CFF Brand login information.

Rest assured, if your customers do not show up in your referral list for CFF Brand and/or CFF Brand Rewards (as long as they appear in your Qkabid Referral list), when the time comes that you need them posted as your customers in CFF Brand, we will make sure that the information is synchronized on both platforms.  In the future when our customer base is soaring through the roof and we are able to pay additional commissions on sales through the store, your customers will be matched with their proper referrer, based on your customer list at our Rewards Auction.

Right now... When any customer makes a purchase, they receive 100 points for every dollar spent.  They redeem those points to play in our auction.  The redemption is based on our profit margin.  Therefore, everyone is receiving commissions through your product sales at the auction and through the DFP based on a joint marketing effort.  So... You are not losing anything at all if your customers do not appear in CFF Brand.  Right now, it's a non - issue, because all earnings are paid through the auction.  The more customers shopping, the more reward points earned, the more sales at the auction, the more money earned through sales at the auction.  We look forward to the day when we are gigantic and soaring with the retail eagles.

December 1st, 2016


Nano Bubble Sale

November 30th, 2016

GREAT NEWS!  The Car Auction Promo Has Been Extended! 

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays... Our promo has been extended to give us all time to promote to our groups and bring in new people so they can take advantage of the great deal too!


We are excited to team up with all of you and help get you ready for the most amazing year ahead!  These additional packages will get you set up to start earning great and be off and running!


$99.99 Purchase Includes:  Your seat at our locked Car Auction, 300 Bids for the car auction, a GAPTAC T-shirt (Give A Pair To A Child)  or a $20 Gift Card

We will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need on your behalf.


Now Thru Wednesday, Dec. 7th At Midnight EST, Receive 20 additional products to place on the auction.

(Must have purchased at least a $275 (8) Product package or higher to qualify.)

*Remember if a customer purchases one of these packages they will receive everything, except you will receive the additional 20 products!    WOW!


** You can purchase up to 10 Car Auction Packages for yourself to get the 20 extra products for the auction!

November 17th, 2016


November 17th, 2016

If you would like to share the CFF Brand Business Plan use this link to access the powerpoint presentation



November 17th, 2016

Super Saturday is almost here and we have only sold 7 seats on the auction!  Remember this is your business too.  It's also up to each and every single affiliate to do their part to make our kick off date to the public a success.  What better, exciting story, than someone winning a brand new car and 2000 children in need, getting brand new shoes who do not have shoes to wear.  Put your foot forward and purchase your seat for the auction and then go and share our mission with others and if each of you purchased your seat and sold 2 seats we would reach our goal.  Reaching this goal means over 2000 kids receive shoes, someone wins a brand new car and a very healthy kick off to the daily DFP. 

Which brings me to our next update.  We are almost ready for your products to go live.  This has an upside and a down side.  The upside, we will have completed all the steps in our business plan and the rest is up to you.  The down side, we don't believe that our retailers have done the marketing necessary to have those blow out successful profits on your products when they do launch.  We want our retailers to have that blow out success, and of course we will always do what we can to assist you, but we cannot do it for you.  

So...here's the deal - We want to reach our GAPTAC goal!  It's vitally important to us, to help the children in Uganda for the Holidays.  We refuse to believe that you don't feel the same way and that it's equally important to you as well, to build a business that has the reputation of doing good for people in need around the world, after all that is what we are all about. Success doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen all by itself.  Our staff works 16 -20 hour days to make sure you can be successful with CFF and now it's time for you to do your part.  Show the world we mean business and that we are here to make a difference in the lives of people all around the world.  GO BUY your SEAT in THE AUCTION and help us make our SUPER SATURDAY a day that will hit the news and media.  We can do it, but we cannot do it without you.  You need this boost to kick off your business and move things forward, but we cannot do it alone, YOU MUST do YOUR part too.

Let's touch back on your products being listed on the auction...How disappointing will it be to wake up on Super Saturday, your products listed and you didn't market to your fullest potential.  Your products sell, but sell on the low end of the scale, bringing you profit, because of our reserves, but minimal profit and surely not what it could have been.  In business, especially when its more in the line of partnering and sharing profits as all the retailers here do, based on your joint efforts in marketing to the same platform, it only makes sense that everyone does their part.  This truly is being in business for yourself, but... not by yourself.  That being said, we are making you an offer that we hope will motivate you, inspire you and get you moving in the right direction.  We will reach our goal and send 2000 pairs of shoes to Uganda before December 21st.  We know we are going to reach this goal because each and everyone of you became a retailer because you share our vision.  We know that you are not going to let yourself down and we are not going to let you down either.  We know you have not done the necessary work to build your customer base, we also know that your products are going to be listed and selling very, very soon.  This last piece is almost complete.  It's the final piece on our list and it's almost done - days away from completion.  This means the 20% commission on your products and the 40% on all product sales will be recording and issued.  For the first time, we are ready and you are not.  We want to give you the time to make up for the time you lost.  

1.  Your products are going to be listed - ready or not, it's happening.

2.  We want you to get involved in our goal to send 2000 shoes to Uganda

3.  We want you to make Super Saturday a huge success

4.  We want each of our retailers to purchase their GAPTAC Tshirt (which ships on the 8th to do 1 batch print and save on the cost of the t's) and of course, it would be optimal if each of you sold 2 more seats.  What a huge success you would make Super Saturday if each of you reached that goal.

5.  For each of you that purchase the GAPTAC T-shirt which is a $99 cost to reserve your seat in the car auction, we will give each of you an additional 20 products to sell on the auction.  Why would we do this?  Because we know if you are successful, you will sing it at the top of your lungs.  That's what we need, successful retailers that talk.  We know that you will not reach the optimal success you could achieve right out of the gate, because you haven't marketed at the level you needed to.  It's a win, win for everyone.  You will be selling longer on the auction, which gives you the time you need to get inspired and market your products, the store and the rewards auction.  It gives us happy retailers.  We reach our goal and send 2000 shoes to Uganda and the business gets the right kick off it needs.


One final word.  This is a 48 hour offer to our retailers.  You have until Saturday at midnight to purchase your seat and receive the additional 20 products to sell on the auction.  If 500 of our seats sell by Saturday at midnight, we will also blow out social media advertising for our Super Saturday Kickoff.  We need to see our retailers put a foot forward, we have been working tirelessly around the clock to give you the best platform online.  The FIRST REWARDS AUCTION where you profit huge if you do what's necessary to build your business. 

SO LETS GET OUT THERE AND MAKE THIS THE BEST BUSINESS EVER SEEN IN ONLINE HISTORY - We believe we have a wonderful group of retailers, it's time to ramp things up and it's time to get this show on the road.  Don't wake up disappointed on Super Saturday and take the chance of making a little bit of profit when you could make a ton of profit.  Tis the season folks, lets make this season count.

Who qualifies - Our retailers that have 8 or more products to sell

November 16th 2016

We have added 2 more great options to help the affiliates sell more seats for our Super Saturday Car Give Away Rewards Auction

We really want to have the Super Saturday, On November 26th!

We need everyone go out there and market!  This is going to be a big pay day for everyone with the DFP.    


 We have 3 variations for you to choose from:

1.     $99.99 Purchase includes a CFF Brand T-shirt (T-shirt's ship on December 8th) and CFF Brand will purchase and donate a pair of shoes to be given to child in Uganda.  You will receive 9,999 reward points and 300 reward sharkie bids to use on the seated rewards auction on November 26th.


2.     $49.99 Purchase includes a $20 CFF Brand Gift Card (Gift cards are issued within 24 hours and immediately available for use in our CFF Brand Store or can be given away as gifts. You will receive 4,999 reward points and 100 reward sharkie bids to use on the seated rewards auction on November 26th.

3.     $24.99 Purchase includes a $10 CFF Brand Gift Card (Gift cards are issued within 24 hours and immediately available for use in our CFF Brand Store or can be given away as gifts.  You will receive 2,499 reward points and 40 reward sharkie bids to use on the seated rewards auction on November 26th.

PURCHASE your seat today at CFF BRAND, Join in the fun!

Friday, November 11th

Nano Bubble Water is Now Available to Order at CFFbrand.com

Be sure to order your water as soon as possible so you can have your own testimonial to promote to your customers.

Think about this…  as an affiliate you get $20 commissions on every case of water ordered.

If you have 5 customers who each share that with 2 of their friends and they share with their friends.

Let’s say you end up with 100 customers monthly (remember you earn commissions to infinity on all your customers).  

100 Customers x $20 Commissions = $2,000 monthly = $24,000 yearly

1,000 Customers x $20 Commissions = $20,000 monthly = $240,000 yearly

Your customers will be excited, not only because the product is working for them, they will also be excited because they will be earning a LOT of reward points.  They can use those points towards their next water purchase or any purchase for that matter.   OR they can use them for Sharkie Bids!


As affiliates we receive a $20 discount (that is our commission on the purchase of the product).   We are just receiving it immediately on this product.    

To find your affiliated discount code to to CFFretailfunding.com, Click on your DASHBOARD, you will find it on the toolbar on the left side of the page under NANO WATER BUBBLE DISCOUNT.



Banners Ads Are Now Available  

Banners are now available in your back office in CFFretailfunding.com.

Click DASHBOARD, MARKETING button, then click PROMOTIONAL BANNERS on the tool bar on the top.

You will need to replace your Cffretailfunding referral link with your Qkabid referral link.

Here is how:   First copy the link in the box and highlight your referral link for CFF Retail Funding (Example: https://cffretailfunding.com/yourusername).  Be sure to copy in between the quotation marks only when replacing your referral link.  DO NOT copy the quotation marks.

Grab your referral link from Qkabids and replace it.


a href="https://cffretailfunding.com/joincffretail">



a href="https://qkabid.com/registration.php?ref=youridnumber">

Here is an additional email you can copy and paste into an email page to promote the seated auction on November 26th 2016





Win a New Car for the Holidays! 

Win the Keys to an Awesome Christmas!  

Yes, you could be the winner of a brand-new car!

Let Santa put you behind the wheel of a 2016 Chevy Cruze before Christmas. Don’t be a Thanksgiving Turkey and miss out! Look at what you get when you purchase a reserved seat at our special auction:  When you Reserve a seat you receive a total of 300 bids to help you win the auction!  A new pair of shoes will be given to a child in need on your behalf A CFF GAPTAC T-shirt you can proudly wear to show others you gave a pair! GAPTAC stands for Give a Pair to a Child  PLUS - Earn 9,900 Reward Points that you can redeem for more bids!

Get ALL this for only $99

Act now! Register for your QkaBid Auction Account at (your Qkabid referral link) and receive 5 free bids. 

Once you have registered, log in to your account and Click on BUY SHARKIE POINTS then click on the buy button where it says, GAPTAC-Chevy Cruze Seated Auction, 

This Seated Auction is Scheduled to begin on Saturday November 26th, at 1pm Eastern. 

Good luck and happy bidding! 


Your name and contact infoYour Qkabid referral link

Thursday, November 10th

We are quickly approaching November 26th.  What does that mean?  Well this is the date we have set to run our SEATED WIN A CAR AUCTION and get Qkabid.com on the map.

So now it's really time for you to start thinking about what your goals are, you will earn 10 free bids every time you sign up a member to the auction site. We have a flyer prepared and are here to help you map out your marketing goals and strategy.

The success of your business is based on customer acquisition and product sales. Therefore, it is important that you start to promote CFF Brand and Qkabids. Yes we are a startup compared to Amazon but when they started out selling second hand books I’m sure there were plenty of people who could’ve got on the phone and bought shares, but instead chose to sit and wait until there was a bit more on the page! Get excited now! Take control of our growth and your future!

Share with your family and friends!  Excitement is contagious!

If you have brought affiliates into our business, please keep in touch with them and explain that:




1.  Make sure that you login to your accounts every single day, These include:

https://cffbrand.com/account/ login to your CFF Brand Store account.          

https://qkabid.com/login.php?   Login into your Rewards Auction account.             

https://cffretailfunding.com/ login into your CFF Retail Funding Affiliate account

This helps our Alexa ratings.


2.  Make sure that you check the News section daily to read any of the updates that we have for our affiliates.  Affiliates will not get bombarded with emails because we have the internal messaging system which is much more efficient to use for both the company and the affiliates.



Wednesday, November 9th

Qkabid Car Auction Flyer & Sizzle Email Is Ready!!   Go to your CFFretailfunding.com back office.

On your DASHBOARD, click on MARKETING, then click on the different tabs and find all the new marketing materials available to you.

FLYER:  You will need to edit the pdf and TYPE IN your referral link for Qkabids on the flyer before sending it out in emails or print it as flyers, etc.

EMAIL:  You will need to add your contact info:   Name and referral link for Qkabids. 


We recommend that you go to GoDaddy.com and purchase a domain name for your Qkabids referral link.   Be sure to keep it short if you can (for example: abcauction.com), use your imagination.   Once you purchase your domain name you will need to forward it to your Qkabids referral link.     If you have trouble doing so, Go Daddy will help you forward your domain name by just calling them.


How To Purchase Your Seat For The Car Auction – AVAILABLE NOW!   

Purchase yours today!   It is easier to promote if you already have yours!  Be a product of the product.

AFFILIATES:  To register for your seat at the car auction, login to your CFFretailfunding.com. Click on DASHBOARD, then on the tool bar on the left side of the screen, click on CHEVY CRUZE SEATED AUCTION and it will redirect you to the purchase page.

CUSTOMERS:  To register for your seat at the car auction, register for a Qkabids.com account and then login to your account and click on the white GAPTAC TSHIRT image.    You will be redirected to a page, then scroll down to see the directions on how to purchase your seat for the car auction.

Affiliates and customers can purchase multiple seats for the car auction.


Stay tuned for exciting news tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 26th

We are quickly approaching November 1st.  What does that mean?  Well this is the date we have set to take off with CFF Brand and get the business ball rolling.  So now it's really time for you to start thinking about what your goals are and we want to help you map out your marketing goals and strategy.  Since the success of your business is based on product sales, it's important that you are prepared and have your ducks in a row so that when we open the gates to the public you are ready to rock and roll.


1.  Make sure that you login to your accounts every single day

2.  These include https://cffbrand.com/account/login your store account.  https://qkabid.com/login.php? your rewards auction account.              https://cffretailfunding.com/login.php 

3.  Make sure that you check the News section daily to read any of the updates that we have for our affiliates.  Affiliates will not get bombarded with emails because we have the internal messaging system which is much more efficient to use for both the company and the affiliates.

4.  Our goal is to have the Product Sales Pool running and calculating by the time we take off on November 1st.  If its not ready on that date it will only be a matter of days before it is.  We are truly excited to get running and move into the next phase of our business.

Due to a delay in Lynette's flight schedule there will NOT be a webinar tonight.  We look forward to our Corporate Webinar on Sunday Night October 30th at 7pm eastern.  This will most likely be one of the most important webinars you will be attending as we will be going over all the intricate details of your business and what the upcoming weeks have in store for those of you ready to launch with us.

Friday, October 14th

For those of you that missed last nights update webinar/call you can catch up with everything except the post call conversations.


Thursday, October 13th

Hello Retail Sharks


We hope that everyone is having a terrific week and that today will be a great day for everyone. 


This is a mid-week update 

Our development team has nearly finished with phase one of our integration.


What this means to you


  1. Real time recording - no more waiting on approvals from admin  
  2. Register as a customer - rewards auction membership is created at the same time
  3. Register as an affiliate - rewards auction membership is created at the same time
  4. FREE affiliate upgrades - 3 level commission implemented
  5. Upgrade with an e-pin - receive a voucher to redeem at CFF Brand for your Art Canvas
  6. Voucher redemption creates reward points to be eligible to sell products
  7. Redemption of reward points for product to sell
  8. When you upgrade you can click on upgrade using our internal store
  9. Sharkie Points/Bids with automatic deposit to your rewards auction account for immediate use
  10. Sharkie Point Packages won delivered automatically upon winning
  11. Reward Points to Sharkie Points automated in realtime


Our "projected" date to complete this integration is before Sunday's Corporate Webinar


Please click the link below to join the webinar: 


Or join by phone:
    +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)        Webinar ID: 702 134 597   

International numbers available: https://qkadoo.zoom.us/zoomconference?m=Hs-imdNSCT8MqP7X8BG52h6gzd_9L9W7



Sunday, October 9th Webinar


Thursday, October 6th


Tuesday October 4th

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a fantastic week.  We are!! So lets get right to the news for today... Our auction team processed all orders on the wins today and went to print shipping labels and guess what they found - NOTHING... When we did our data load of the users from the other auction it didn't include your addresses and so they had nothing to print.  The system doesn't have an edit function for the user, so you can't add this information either.  We have development working on this, in the mean time we are going to go into your affiilaite back office and get this information so the products can leave tomorrow.  Please login to your account and make sure that your address is correct so your item is shipped to the proper place.   This means that products won't ship until tomorrow.

Next... If you request Bitcoin as your method to be paid, it will be a really good idea to add a second method to receive payment...Bitcoin will only be used if we have it available.  We do put in an order each week for it, but we don't always get it in a timely fashion.  Coinbase has made some changes on their purchasing rules, so of course we have to work with them, they don't work with us.  When you submit a request for a withdrawal it must be requested by Midnite on Saturday for processing on the following Friday.  Allow a week for checks to be received.  ACH's deposits and Wires should only take a day, 2 tops to reach your account.  Please do not send support tickets regarding a withdrawal request unless it has been more than 7 days beyond the Friday it was processed.

We are looking forward to the Inventory load of the auction this week and begining our social media marketing.  We will have lots of things for you to do to stimulate your business growth and customer sales.  Look forward to lots of things moving into the "ease of operation mode" this week...  I know we are looking forward to it.

Make it a GREAT DAY.

Saturday October 1st

Happy October 1st.  Moving into fall is an exciting time for CFF and our Retail Sharks.  This is the time of year when everyone around the world is out shopping and spending money.  We are ramping up for the Holiday Shopping Season and this is when you are going to fall in love with your CFF Retail Business.  Yes, it did take us some time to get here, and we are happy we took the extra time because it allowed us to enhance your business which will directly impact the success of your business immensly.  

We are happy to announce that in the next few days, our free retail sharks will be able to upgrade to a retail shark package and sell products on the penny auction and 3 levels of sponsorship will earn the 3 level commissions.  YAY!! We have removed the direct commission of 27% on upgrades or repurchase of product by referred affiliates and have implemented the 3 level commissions which will increase your earnings on your team.

This week we will introduce our automation between the CFF Retail Funding, CFF Brand and QkaBids which will make everyones business much easier and credits in real time.  We are super excited with the progress we have made over the last several weeks.  We will keep you informed as to when we integrate these new exciting enhancements to your business.

You will notice a "Your Products, 20%" tab in your affiliate back office, this is where you will choose and assign the products you will be selling on the Penny Auction, QkaBid.com - YES that's right... Within the next couple of weeks you will begin selling your products on the auction.  The auction is slim pickings right now on the inventory side, but don't stress or become discouraged about this, we are saving the best for our big launch and believe me you the WOW factor will be there.

You can click on Corporate news and we will have daily updates for you, so you can always stay on top of what is happening with your CFF Business.

We have implemented an internal messaging system for you, now you can communicate with CFF Retail Sharks by simply composing a message from your affiliate back office and communicate with each other simply by knowing the username of the person you want to communicate with.  We also have a member announcement section where we will add the most pertinent information right at your finger tips so you always get the latest, greatest, fastest.  Broadcast to your entire network with one message sent to all with the click of a button.

Coming soon... Promotional materials, t-shirts, car magnets, brochures, signs, caps and more to help you build your business offline.  Marketing materials to help you build your business online.  We are poised to help you reach success in lickety splickety times.

JUST A REMINDER- There is NO Stacking allowed in CFF.  What does this mean?  We know that our Retail Sharks will want to continue selling products on the auctions and so you will be purchasing products for the credits to sell on QkaBid.com.  When you make your purchases or upgrades you MUST give your sponsor credit.  You may NOT create additional Retail Shark Purchases under yourself.  If you do, that purchase will be refunded to you and your position as a retail shark at CFF will be terminated.  This includes members who live in the same household, example; spouses, domestic partners, adult kids.  This includes personal and corporate retail shark purchases.  We allow anyone to become a retail affiliate and earn from their sales, however a retail affiliate may not have a retail shark package and be a free retail affiliate.  We will post in our terms and conditions explicit details on our NO STACKING POLICY.  This includes CFF Brand Retail Store and QkaBid Penny Auction.

Tomorrow night on our webinar we will announce the winners of our contest.  You have all been wonderful and we are excited to be in business with you.

Please click the link to join the webinar Sunday, October 2nd at 9pm Eastern: https://qkadoo.zoom.us/j/702134597 

You may join by phone:
    +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)       

Webinar ID: 702 134 597   

International numbers available:


Friday September 30th

Today is Payout Day - Those of you that are requesting BitCoin will be paid on Tuesday.  Our Bitcoin order from last Monday is not hitting our account until Tuesday.  If you have requested a check, those have been processed, and you will have them in your mailbox in a couple of days.  ACH transfers will complete today and Monday. Bank Wires were initiated and will be in accounts on Monday.


We know the auction is low on products right now.  Please don't send in support tickets for that.  Support should be used for things you need assistance on or technical problems you find.  Support can be very time consuming so please use it sparingly.  Once you have opened a support ticket, please allow the support staff 24 hours to resolve simple issues and 48 hours for more complex issues.  If you need urgent assistance you can go to www.cffbrand.com and initiate a live "Lets Talk" chat with one of our awesome support staff.  Live support is available in the late morning, early afternoon and again in the evening Monday - Saturday.  

We are loading up the inventory on the auction and the CFF Brand Store.  You will see more and more new items on a daily basis beginning tomorrow.  Keep in mind, we add the amount of products based on the traffic and people on the site.  So CFF Retailers lets get to the auction daily so we can justify the increase in the items on the site before we begin our corporate advertising.


We are aware that the bid packs are not delivering upon the win - this is because you have to accept the auction win from your back office under auction wins.  Once you do this your bids should deliver.  If they do not - please send us a support ticket at support.crowdfundfast.com so we can address this.


Have a Great Friday Evening and look for our Weekend promotions that will start bright and early tomorrow morning.  We plan on having a very eventful, fun filled upcoming week as we prepare to kick the CFF Brand, CFF Retail Funding and QkaBids into high gear.


Thursday September 29th

Today at 4pm eastern we are going to run another featured auction. If you want to compete for the win with free bids here is your challenge for the 4pm auction.

Go to www.facebook.com/cffretailfunding and you will see this post here that I am sharing with you. From the www.facebook.com/cffretailfunding.compage you will leave a comment under this post and you must share it to your FB Page and share it to 5 friends on FB.

When you have done this you will go to www.cffbrand.com and on the bottom right of the page you will see "Lets Talk" click that tab and give us your name and QkaBid Username and by 3:30 you will have your 200 "Free Bids" deposited in your QkaBids account.

You must have this task done by 3:30 - There will be no more free bids given out for the 4pm auction after 3:30. The auction will be $200 Amazon Gift Card and 200 Free Bids. We will post a link to the auction around 3:30 this afternoon. Good Luck and Have Fun.